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Kim Booij


Hallo, ik ben Kim Booij.

Ik ben een fotograaf die zich richt op menselijke verbinding en daarbij natuurlijk licht najaagt. Mijn kracht zit in het documenteren van het gevoel dat een bepaald moment in de tijd je kan geven.

Elke sessie is uniek samengesteld om jouw verhaal te vertellen. In de voorbereiding van het werk maar vooral op het moment dat we samen zijn kijk ik echt naar wie jij bent of waar je bedrijf voor staat. En dat doe ik op een onveranderde, eerlijke en tijdelijke manier. Emotionele respons is daarbij mijn belangrijkste doel - jezelf te zien als degene die je kennen en van je houden.


Geen twee verhalen zijn hetzelfde, ik geloof echt dat elk individueel en uniek verhaal aandacht verdient in elk mogelijk detail. 


Door deze rustige en vooral eerlijke benadering creëer ik schoonheid rechtstreeks vanuit jouw wereld naar het beeld. Mijn werk brengt pure momenten over. Dus ook het onvoorspelbare, het ongeplande.

Al die buitengewone, echte momenten die je voor altijd wilt onthouden en koesteren.


Als dit klinkt zoals jij en je altijd al eens buiten de kaders van traditioneel poseren hebt willen treden en juist de rauwe, organische en levendige momenten wilt vastleggen in je leven of in je ondernemerschap, neem dan gerust vrijblijvend contact me op.


Mensen zijn eindeloos interessant. Dat is de drijvende kracht achter mijn werk.

“There is no truth, only perception”

Gustave Flaubert

Team Kim Booij Photography

Denise Cremers.png

Denise Cremers

Hi, I'm Denise Cremers.

Inspiring is one of my most important missions. Not only as a person but also in my professional world.


As a stylist and image coach, I am constantly looking for that combination that enhances your personal style. When you look your best, this will have an unprecedented positive effect.


Finding coherence from personal styling sessions for you, for companies, without losing authenticity, that is the icing on the cake for me. Together with Kim I create an image that tells your story.


In addition to these intuitive actions and responding to the moment, a lot precedes a business photo shoot. Such as, for example, giving direction to an artistic vision and actually directing it. Kim and I share that passion for that unique process that precedes every production.


What we strive for is to try to sense the vision of your company, the values of your family, your passion and love, and translate it into the most beautiful image. When creating this creative context, connection is essential: the bond between us as a team, but especially with you.


Together we ensure that the concept is aesthetically correct.


“The question is 
not what you 
look at it
what you 

(Henry David Thoreau)

Interview: The Power of Self-Image


By: Susanne Pycke


Kim Booij and Denise Cremers together form the creative team of Kim Booij Photography. Denise has been associated with Kim as co-art director and stylist for business shoots since the beginning of 2022. From the start of her career as an independent photographer in December 2009, Kim has undergone both business and personal development. On that journey to become the photographer of today, she not only encountered inspiring people like Denise, but - or should I say especially - herself.


What does I-Am-You-Are-I mean?


I am - I am. You are - You are. You are I - You are I. I am You - I am you. I am I - I am I.

Kim: “What I primarily want to do with this combination of words and images is to trigger, to make people aware of a feeling or a certain energy that comes from the images. You don't have to understand or analyze that, you can just look at it and feel something about it or not.”


Why did this collection have to be created?

Kim: “It is time to make my artistic vision more prominent. Not only in my business operations in general, but precisely by showing a beautiful collection of free work.” Denise: “Kim sometimes sells herself short, her technique and intrinsic motivation could really be put in the spotlight more. She can show people as they never saw or dared to show themselves before. Images that confront, surprise, make you think, but above all are faithful to the person being portrayed.”

What was the big difference between this collection and a commission?

Kim: “While creating the collection I was not bound to an assignment and I was able to work freely again without frameworks or directions. The result: a beautiful series of photos in which the models were always depicted during different seasons. Every season not only has its own light that fits perfectly, but also its own energy. And there may be, because that way we get an accurate representation of that moment. A pure recording of how you are at that moment, with your summer freckles or dry, cold skin. Accept and work with what nature offers you and the result will be the same.”


“A pure recording of how you are at that moment, with your summer freckles or dry, cold skin.”


Does this mean that you will make art from now on?


Kim: “We already did that…”


Denise: “Real art does not only exist on images, but arises from the story behind it, behind Kim, behind me, behind us. The real image that we see through the lens and that you have not yet seen of yourself. Bring out your story and tell it through images. Putting you, as a person, in motion towards others, that is where my value lies. But also setting Kim in motion to express the piece of photography seen from the art, in addition to the commercial value and additions that we make when we take on a project for a customer. Linking the images in our heads, our artistic vision, from our own journey, to the energy around us, and expressed through art photography, that is our goal.”

Will your business operations now look different and is Kim's photography no longer for everyone?


Kim: “No, the door is open to everyone. Perhaps we will delve even more deeply into mutual expectations and possibilities in the preliminary stages of an assignment than before. The creative process of the free work that I have now resumed gives me so much new energy and insights that I also like to share them with clients who approach us. What is also new is that the prints of my free work on the I-Am-You-Are-I collection are available on my website.”


Denise: “There is of course always room for adjustments in the process, but we really strive to safeguard the ideas we have in mind as best as possible. We always consider: what is the purpose of the photos and what do we want to make visible? At the same time, I also hold a mirror up to Kim. That way we keep each other awake. Besides the fact that I am good at monitoring the process, there is also someone in me who likes to be artistic. Kim is able to ignite that flame in me and in this way we succeed in creating something beautiful together. How unique would it be to come up with a concept with a client based on a certain vision and energy that actually suits both that client and our creative team?”


“Linking the images in our heads, our artistic vision, from our own journey, to the energy around us, and expressed through art photography, that is our goal.”


How do you approach the conversation, what is discussed and what is important to you?


Kim: “I have gradually discovered that if I don't feel it, I can't make it either. Very simple actually, but so difficult to admit to myself. I have now also decided, together with Denise, to remain true to our ideas as much as possible. If it doesn't match yours, then we may not be the right creative team for you. The connection is created when someone is touched by the image. Only by communicating openly and honestly with each other will we find out what we could do for each other.”


“Authenticity sells itself.”


Kim: “We dare to hold up an honest mirror. Back to that naked truth, your real identity. Authenticity sells itself. By peeling off naturally in a safe environment during an assignment, we create space and freedom for both ourselves and the client. And then rebuild from there. Who are you, what do you want to show and why? Photography takes shape within that framework. It freezes the moment that will never return. An image is created that can be received in different ways. This also includes some acceptance that things are currently just the way they are and even seeing that as a growth opportunity. This way you get unique, honest images and no uniformity.”

What do you deliver at the end of a process?

Kim: “In my ideal world, my work at the end of a process also does something with the inner person. That something is set in motion. Something always happens to someone in that creative process. I think the guidance on how you want to portray yourself is so special.”


Denise: “See, that's what I mean. Kim is allowed to monitor the focus, that bit of individuality from her field, without taking over too much positive or negative energy from others. Being able to work truly freely, based on confidence in her abilities. Empathy is a strength, but at the same time it is also important to set boundaries. When the process is clearly communicated in advance, you not only attract the right target group that speaks the same language, but everyone can better remain in their role during the process. And the result is so special and vulnerable.”

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